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We help Widows & Widowers understand their shattered life and give them hope to overcome their unique obstacles.

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The Shattered Life

Your world was shattered and now nobody understands you. 

They look at you and have no words; or worse, they have the wrong words. They were sympathetic for the first days, weeks, maybe a few months (if you were lucky) and now they are ready for you to move on. But you're not ready, you're not sure you ever will be.

How do we know?

Because we are Widows / Widowers too.

We've lost a significant other and we know how utterly devastating it is. It's nothing like a divorce or even the loss of a parent or close friend or sibling. It's just not the same.

The Hope

If you needed permission, here it is:

It's Okay to be NOT Okay

We understand that right now the best you can probably do today is breathe and if you're lucky make a small meal for yourself. You didn't need it but if you felt you needed it, you have it now. Here is your permission to not be able or capable of doing anything more.

Eventually, you'll start to live again, and when you do we'll walk with you through those steps. Each stage is a journey. We've had others who came before us walk us through and we're here to help you walk through each stage.

The Widow's Journey

If you would like us to walk this journey with you, here's the plan:
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Articles we've written just for you:

We hope that some of these provide you hope for the future, understanding for the present and maybe a smile when you thought you didn't have any left.

What's do I do next?

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