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Darrell Wolfe

Darrell Wolfe

Storyteller. Writer. Thinker. Single Father of two amazing boys. Widower to the woman I was supposed to marry, didn't handle right, then rekindled, then lost. One Sunday morning I was asking God to help me figure out a Niche I could write in and dedicate myself to. I have been a blogger for over a decade but I had so many ideas I never stuck it out and saw one all the way through. So I asked him to help me pick a space, and see it through. Later that afternoon, Adrianne asked me about blogging, and here we are.

In the spring of 2003, God reminded me of a girl I'd met (the college roommate of my high school crush) and told me "That's your wife". We married in January 2004. We butted heads and had as many hard times as good ones and almost ended in divorce. In January 2017, God fixed my perspective, and we rekindled our relationship and became more madly in love than we'd ever been, even during courtship. The following year and a half was hard, we still had a lot of old patterns to break out of. It wasn't "great" but it was "good" and I am so grateful for having known her. On June 25, 2018, she died of a massive blood clot, seven weeks pregnant. My life (and my boys) was instantly shattered.

I found support in Facebook groups dedicated to widows and widowers. I have made some amazing friendships from all over the US. But the materials Adrianne and I found for Widow(er)s hasn't been great. Some of it was too clinical, some too cynical, and we wanted to give you a place where you can feel "seen and heard". We are here to offer you the support you deserve and need.

We hope you are supported by this material. You are not alone.

I also write at and Topos.Consulting

In honor of Flavia Antoinette (Miller) Wolfe 10/2081-06/2018