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Adrianne Butwell

Adrianne Butwell

Mother to two children, dog mom, cat mom, chicken mom, and mom to more, I was also a fiance to the man I so deeply loved. The thought to start this community came to me when I was searching endlessly to find people who could understand me and my pain. Darrell sent me a link to a message that he thought could help me. We got to chatting and I asked him about his experience in the techy bloggy stuff. To my surprise and excitement, he was exactly who I was looking for to collaborate with, so in May 2019 we began this journey together.

November 2018 was rough for my fiance and I. We had been going through a rough spot in our relationship. Were we coming or going? I didn't know and he didn't either. We both wanted the same things but weren't sure how to get there... to the happy place we had been before. On the 10th of November 2018, we had a couple of interactions that will forever stay in my heart and mind. He had bought me flowers and we had a fateful conversation that I will cherish forever. Then on the morning of the 11th, I discovered that he died. Just died. At the age of 33.

How does one handle the unforeseen death of their lover? How can one possibly "move on" from a shattered heart and soul? These and so many other questions were what brought me to the idea of building a blog and community of people who can support each other through a time where we think we may never be able to function again.

In loving memory of xxxxxx xx/xxx-11/2018