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About Us

So who are "we" and why are we writing this? Well, we are a team of Widows/Widowers that have gone through the hard experience of losing a Spouse/Significant Other. We know in depth the pain and hardship that accompanies this experience.

We are here to educate non-widows so they can be better equipped to deal with their grieving friends/family.

We are here to come alongside Widows/Widowers and say "You Are Not Alone!" even though we know it feels like you are.

Here's who we are:

Adrianne Butwell

Adrianne is a Widow to her fiance (November 11, 2018) with two daughters, living in South Florida. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and has several years of personal experience with grief, grief support and trauma.

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Darrell Wolfe

Darrell is a Widower (June 25, 2018) with two sons, living in North Idaho. He is a Biblical Studies and English major and has years of personal experience dealing with the topic of healing, addiction, and trauma recovery. He also writes at

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